Thursday, May 13, 2010

HDPE Pipes

HDPE Pipes :

(HDPE) High-density polyethylene or (PEHD) polyethylene high-density is a polyethylene thermoplastic made from petroleum. It takes 1.75 kilograms of petroleum (in terms of energy and raw materials) to make one kilogram of HDPE.

HDPE has little branching, giving it stronger intermolecular forces and tensile strength than lower-density polyethylene. It can withstand somewhat higher temperatures (120 °C/ 248 °F for short periods, 110 °C /230 °F continuously).

HDPE is the high density version of Polyethylene (PE) Plastic. It is stronger, harder and a little heavier than LDPE, but less ductile. and it can be moulded, machined, and joined together using welding (difficult to glue).The appearance is wax-like, lustreless and opaque.

HDPE Pipe Benefits :

HDPE pipe lining has become much popular among the whole world. High temperature and humidity are the most possible reasons for pipeline corrosion. HDPE high density pipe makes itself superior than others. It provides you a long-term hassle-free service. Any industrial or domestic pipeline problem can easily be solved by using High Density Polyethylene pipe.
  • The HDPE pipes are flexible in nature. If you install high density pipe, you can be assured of getting long-term service. The reason behind its durability is the technology which is utilized to manufacture this pipe is known as Process Intensification or PI in short. Therefore it is delivering a long-term service.
  • There are so many countries in the World which facing extreme weather condition and HDPE pipe is extremely useful for those places.
  • One more factor of using high density pipe is its customized built. It can be easily built according to your needs and requirements.
Why HDPE PIPE is handy in daily life?

Pipe can create a serious problem in your daily life. So you should always use such a pipe that offers you stress-free service. Install HDPE pipes and be in the safe side. Any pipeline problem can take away your peace of mind.

if you are looking for permanent solution, you should use polyethylene pipe. High Density Polyethylene pipe is fully weather resistant and non-corrosive. If you want to live a hygienic life, install polyethylene pipe. You will feel the difference yourself.

We are best service provider of good and capable HDPE pipelines and will offer you the services like…
  • Reliable installation of pipelines
  • Reparation for accidental damages to the pipe lines
  • Fitting of HDPE liners into existing pipelines
  • Repair of HDPE pipeline liners
  • HDPE Fusion of free standing pipelines
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